Jamie Ogaard Peterborough died in after an accident on Dec. 7

Jamie Ogaard Death – Jamie Ogaard of Peterborough, Ontario, passed away on Thursday December 7, leaving his family and loved ones. Jamie’s partner Robyn confirmed the news of his passing in a post made on Facebook by Charlea’s Riverside Garden According to Robyn, he was my rock and very active in my business, leading the landscaping team and helping me with everything he could and I know now for sure I can’t do this without him.

He was said to have died following an accident. Robyn also said in the post; After just over a year of operating the greenhouse business I have decided to sell the business and lease the greenhouse. It was a challenge that I have to admit was too difficult for me. I thought that this was something I could handle but I realized I’m not cut out for managing a business of this size and the shoes were just too big for me to fill. The amount of knowledge, time, money, dedication, strength was overwhelming for me. I felt like I was constantly letting people down. This decision was on my mind and I wasn’t sure it was the right one because failure has never been an option for me, I always try and learn and grow and commit to growth and success and I’ve always know that failure Leeds to success.

Robyn thanked everyone who supported them in their first year, for all the feedback, good or bad, they learned a lot and will continue to apply those lessons in the future. She hope someone who has better knowledge and backbone than her can continue carrying the torch of this business and make it great again.

Jamie Ogaard Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family…

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