James Tarantino Milwaukee WI, Founder of Capri Senior Communities has died

James Tarantino Milwaukee WI, Founder of Capri Senior Communities has died

James Tarantino Death – James Tarantino, a resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the Founder and Principal of Capri Senior Communities has passed away. He was announced dead by his beloved daughter as she expressed her gratitude to family and friends in a social media post that read “Thank you to everyone that has reached out to my brothers and I. We are overwhelmed with the love and support. Sal Tarantino said it best, “Our dad is the sun and we revolve around him. He gives us energy and life.”

Who was James Tarantino?

James Tarantino was the Founder and Principal at Capri Senior Communities. Taking care of people is just something Jim Tarantino grew up with. He was a loving father to Ava Tarantino, Michael Tarantino, and Sal Tarantino. Jim was brought up in a big, extended Italian family in Milwaukee and was constantly surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, and other family members who not only loved to hang out but also took care of one another as the loved ones got older.

Following his studies in architecture at the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee, Jim discovered that working for a number of nonprofit community development groups, he could best serve larger “families.” Jim was especially focused on developing innovative approaches to enable elders and those with mental health concerns access to affordable housing.

This eventually inspired Jim to launch his own property management business, which is dedicated to creating and offering lively communities for elderly and disabled people who require a variety of levels of care. The Tarantino family of businesses, which includes Capri Communities, is pleased to assist people in leading meaningful lives in today’s top-notch communities located throughout southeast Wisconsin.

James Tarantino obituary and funeral arrangements will be released by the family at a later date.

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