Italo Calabrese Niagara Falls, Ontario, Italian Food Market Owner died unexpectedly

Italo Calabrese Niagara Falls, Ontario, Italian Food Market Owner died unexpectedly

Italo Calabrese Death – Italo Calabrese has passed away suddenly. He was confirmed dead on Friday, January 19, 2024. Upon learning of his unexpected passing, he left a wound in the hearts of many people to be healed. The people who had the privilege of getting to know him throughout the course of his life will never forget him and will always mourn him immensely.

As soon as the news of his passing became public, a great number of people have not refrained from expressing their deepest sympathies to the family of Italo Calabrese. They have also paid respect to him in remarks that were just recently made public. While the family is going through this difficult time of mourning at the unfathomable loss of Italo Calabrese, everyone is requested to keep them in their thoughts and prayers. Italo Calabrese was born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario, where he also passed away.

What happened to Italo Calabrese?

The circumstances behind Italo Calabrese’s passing, including the specific cause of death, are not indicated in the material that has been supplied at the time of this publishing; hence, the specific specifics remain unknown. Up to this point, no more information has been disclosed. When this piece of information is finally made available to the general public, they will be informed of the latest developments.

“Haven’t called and took a legend and now this legend is our angel to so many people. You were so loved by so many you were so great to my children when we would come in to Geppino’s after church on Sunday with my father to get all the goods to make sauce and meatballs on Sunday for family dinner.”  said Jennifer Gallardi paying tribute. Italo Calabrese was a native of Niagara Falls, Ontario where he spent his early years and also lived until the time of his death.

Italo Calabrese obituary and funeral arrangements will be released by his family

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