Isaih Atwood Fort Gibson High School student died in tragic accident - GoFundMe

Isaih Atwood Fort Gibson High School student died in tragic accident – GoFundMe

Isaih Atwood Death – Fort Gibson High School student Isaih Atwood has died. He passed away after being involved in a deadly accident on Wednesday 6th D3ecemeber 2023. He was announced dead through a publication made on Facebook that says “Tiger Nation,It is with profound sadness that we announce the unexpected passing of Isaih Atwood earlier this evening. He was a sophomore at Fort Gibson High School, and his loss is deeply felt by all who knew him”.

Who was Isaih Atwood?

Isaih Atwood was a young man who was always joyful and full of vitality as he went about his daily life. As a consequence of the conversations that were held with him, each and every person who had the opportunity to speak with him felt nothing but love and adoration for him. In addition to being a bright and clever teen, he possessed a smile that was infectious and had the ability to make everyone he came in contact with look forward to a better day. He not only brought joy to her mother and father, but also to the rest of the community and the entire neighborhood.

He made everyone in the area very happy. The infectious passion of life that he possesses was shown in his spirit of being adventurous. Because of his sense of adventure, they have more depth to their character, which makes them more intriguing to be around altogether. In spite of the fact that he possessed a multitude of admirable characteristics, Isaih Atwood maintained his modesty, acceptance, and willingness to grow.

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Isaih Atwood GoFundMe

On Wednesday, the 6th of December 2023, Tapha Akers established a GoFundMe account with the intention of providing the family of the deceased with some financial support while they are going through this difficult time in their lives. The total amount that has been raised so far through the campaign is $4,365, with the largest donation being $400. The goal of the fundraiser was set to raise the sum of $6,000, so far 63 donations have been made to the account.

A statement from the fundraiser says “In order to help Teler and Zach with the emotional burden that comes with these tragic events we are setting up this fundraiser. Isaih was an amazing young man who’s life ended way to soon. The entire family is struggling to process the loss of our sweet boy. Funds will go to help pay for his funeral service and to help my sister and her family as they take time grieve”.

Isaih Atwood’s obituary will be released by the family

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