Ila Washington and Darryle Mooney died in Phoenix murder suicide

Ila Washington Phoenix AZ and Darryle Mooney died in murder suicide in Maricopa County

Ila Washington and Darryle Mooney Death – Phoenix Police have reported that a murder-suicide occurred at a residence in the north of the city, resulting in the deaths of a man and a woman. On Sunday morning, at around 8:45 a.m., the police received a complaint regarding a domestic violence incident that was taking place at a residence located close to the intersection of 1st Avenue and Villa Maria Drive.

This location is located just southwest of the crossroads where Central Avenue and Union Hills Drive meet. The police were informed that a man had claimed that he had murdered his girlfriend and was planning to take his own life. When law enforcement personnel arrived at the residence, they encircled it and made several attempts to evict the individuals who were inside using a loudspeaker and a cell phone, but they were unable in doing so.

The investigation continued with the acquisition of a search warrant, which allowed officers from the Special Assignments Unit to access the residence. Once inside, they discovered a woman named Ila Washington, who was 70 years old and had been shot and killed. Furthermore, they discovered a man named Darryle Mooney, who was 59 years old and had committed himself by shooting himself in the head.

According to the police, Mooney shot and murdered Washington before turning the gun on himself and passing away. In this particular instance, the investigation is still in progress.

Ila Washington and Darryle Mooney’s obituary and funeral arrangements will be released by their families at a later date.

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