Hope Schreiner Death: West Townshend, Vermont woman arrested in 2004 for murdering her husband has died

Hope Schreiner Death: West Townshend, Vermont woman arrested in 2004 for murdering her husband has died

Hope Schreiner Death – Family and friends are mourning a West Townshend, Vermont who passed away years after being convicted of her husband’s murder. Due to a “terminal or debilitating” illness, Hope Schreiner was found guilty in 2006 of killing her elderly husband. Hope was freed from jail early on a medical furlough, according to state officials.

According to Dean George, the chairman of the Vermont Parole Board, Hope Schreiner, the oldest female prisoner in the state and the second-oldest prisoner currently under detention, was freed and sent to a northern Vermont nursing home. George noted that the Department of Corrections, not the Parole Board, had decided to give Schreiner medical vacation.

In March 2006, Schreiner was sentenced to 17 years to life for the second-degree murder of her 78-year-old husband, Robert Schreiner. DOC’s director of classifications and facilities designation, Cullen Bullard, stated that she would not be eligible for release until March 2023. He stated that she was under supervision while on furlough and that the Department of Corrections had conferred with the Parole Board and Robert Schreiner’s family.

According to the law, the prisoner may be released to a hospital, hospice, other approved inpatient facility, or any other type of residence that the commissioner deems appropriate. Bullard declined to describe Schreiner’s condition or its severity, citing medical privacy rules, but stated that the topic of her treatment had been discussed for the previous eight to nine months.

Schreiner had been detained at the Waterbury state complex’s Dale prison unit for women since her conviction eight years prior. She was then sent to the South Burlington women’s jail. Robert Schreiner was struck in the head with a sharp object, according to evidence presented during the trial. Although it was never located, prosecutors claimed that the couple’s potato hoe was the murder weapon.

The results of the autopsy also showed that he was heavily medicated with Ambien when he passed away. According to the prosecution, his wife gave it to him in the form of a cup of coffee. After 43 years of marriage, the couple had one kid together and eight children from other marriages.

Robert and Hope Schreiner had been married for forty-three years when they overcame the “seven-year itch,” endured “empty nest syndrome,” and retired. The couple appeared to have a happy, long-lasting love, but on the day Hope “snapped” and killed Robert with a bludgeon, their happily ever after came to an end.

Robert was a landscape architect from Claverack, New York, and Hope worked as a nurse. Each of them brought multiple children with them when they got married in the early 1960s. Hope already had five children, while Robert had three kids from his previous marriage. Scott Schreiner is the son that Robert and Hope Schreiner had together after Robert adopted Hope’s children.

Robert and Hope moved to the little Vermont hamlet of Townshend two hours to the northeast when they both retired. In his seventies, Robert struggled with multiple health concerns stemming from a near-fatal vehicle accident that had left him limited in his movement. In addition to having glaucoma and persistent pneumonia, he lost a lung to cancer.

According to the Barre Montpelier Times Argus, 71-year-old Hope started an affair with 77-year-old Donald Bouret in the months before her husband’s murder. Bouret said that the connection lasted three months and that the two went on sexual dates every few weeks. According to the outlet, Hope expressed her desire to begin a new life with Bouret and inquired about the possibility of their relationship developing without Robert. The Schreiners seemed to be making plans for the future despite the adultery and health problems. Their house had just been sold, and they were currently having a new one built just up the street.

Sadly, Schreiner’s aspirations of a future life together were dashed on the afternoon of June 2, 2004, when she contacted 911 reporting that she had discovered her husband bleeding in their driveway. When emergency personnel arrived, they pronounced Robert dead on the spot. His age was 78 years. His head was cut multiple times, and he was bloodied and bruised. According to court filings, EMTs believed that the man had been dead for two to three hours based on the dried blood found surrounding his corpse.

The wedge-shaped puncture marks on Robert’s head were discovered, and the medical examiner concluded that blunt-force trauma was the cause of death. Additionally, it was found that Robert had taken a significant amount of the sleeping medication Ambien in the hours before his death, which amounted to roughly seven 10-milligram pills. It was estimated that the pills were taken around eight in the morning on the day of the murder.

Hope Schreiner Obituary and Funeral Arrangements will be Released by the Family

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