Hillcrest Mall Shooting

Hillcrest Mall Shooting; Robbery reported at Hillcrest Mall

UPDATE: Around two o’clock on Saturday afternoon to report a significant number of law enforcement personnel present at the shopping center, which is situated at the intersection of Yonge Street and Carville Road / 16th Avenue.

The spokesperson for the police department said they are searching for suspects. Both the nature of the items that may have been taken and the location within the shopping center where the theft took place are unknown. In the immediate aftermath, there were no reports of any bodily injuries.

According to the spokeswoman for the police department, officers are currently present at the shopping center as part of their investigation.

Hillcrest Mall shooting – The authorities are responding to a shooting incident at Hillcrest mall. According to the information gathered at this time, a robbery had led to the shooting. A Facebook user named Mark Dey had said that the shooter was able to get out of the car park and ransacked the car.

The police are at the scene and are yet to released any official reports; resident are advised to avoid the area. This is a developing…

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