Helen Smart Wigan, Head teacher and B Band Euphonium player has died

Inspirational player Helen Smart of Wigan dead. What happened? Learn more about Helen Smart death and obituary...

Helen Smart Death – Helen Smart, a well-known inspirational player, head teacher, mother, wife, friend, olympian and champion has passed away suddenly. Helen Smart of Wigan was announced dead today by Pemberton Old Wigan DW Band. So far, no official news on her cause of death has been released. Our heartfelt condolences are sent to Helen’s family at this very difficult time.

Pemberton Old Wigan DW Band released a statement on their Facebook page:

“As an organisation, we are heartbroken to inform you of the passing of Helen Smart (Don-Duncan.) All of our thoughts and love are with Craig, Heidi, Stanley, John, Linda, Robert and the wider family at this time.”

Who was Helen Smart?

Helen’s presence within the Pemberton Organization was truly remarkable and multifaceted. As a 2nd Euphonium player in the B Band, she exhibited a passion for music that resonated with everyone around her.

Her commitment to the organization was unwavering, as evidenced by her membership alongside her brother, Robert, and her father, John, for an impressive span of over 30 years. This demonstrated not only her dedication to her craft but also her strong familial ties and the deep-rooted connections she formed within the organization.

Beyond her musical talents, Helen’s influence extended far beyond the band room. As an inspirational player, she had the remarkable ability to uplift and motivate her fellow musicians, inspiring them to strive for excellence.

Her dedication to her role as a head teacher showcased her commitment to education and nurturing the growth of young minds. Through her role as a mother and a wife, she radiated love, care, and devotion, creating a nurturing and supportive environment for her family.

Helen’s achievements extended even further, as she proved herself to be an extraordinary athlete. Her participation as an Olympian highlighted her drive, discipline, and perseverance. Whether on the field of competition or amid musical performances, she embodied the spirit of a champion, showcasing her determination to overcome challenges and emerge victorious.

Throughout her journey, Helen remained a steadfast friend to many, always ready to offer a listening ear, a kind word, or a helping hand. Her ability to connect with people on a personal level was a testament to her warm and compassionate nature. She forged friendships that were as enduring as her musical legacy.

The family will release an obituary and funeral arrangements for Helen Smart.

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