Greg Kazmierski Ottawa, Honourary Mayor of Blackburn Hamlet has died

Greg Kazmierski Death – Honourary Mayor of Blackburn Hamlet Greg Kazmierski has sadly passed away. He died on Sunday 11th June 2023 leaving his family, friends and his entire community heartbroken. He was confirmed dead through a Facebook post made on Monday that reads “Greg Kazmierski, or better known to many of us as the “Mayor of Blackburn Hamlet”, passed away Sunday morning”. The details surrounding the actual cause of Greg Kazmierski’s death has not been released at this time.

Who was Greg Kazmierski ?

Gregory Kazmierski was a native of Ottawa who was credited with establishing a new standard when he became the first student with special needs in the province of Ontario to be awarded the privilege of attending conventional classes. As well as being engaged in the Knights of Columbus, he offers his time at activities hosted by the local community and church. Greg Kazmierski’s cheerful demeanor, affable personality, and infectious upbeat attitude have made him well-known across the Hamlet. Greg, who is known affectionately as the “Unofficial Mayor of Blackburn,” had frequently voiced his desire to meet with both the Mayor of Ottawa and the Chief of Police in the past.

In June of 2008, City Councillor Rainer Bloess made a stop to the local LOEB store while escorting Mayor Larry O’Brien and Chief Vern White on a tour of Innes Ward. Not only did he introduce Greg to the Mayor and Chief, but he also joined Mayor O’Brien in designating Greg as honorary “Mayor for a Day”. The appointment came with a certificate of completion and a chain of office that had been signed by all involved parties.

What you need to know about Greg Kazmierski

Greg’s presence at every community event, at the previous dojo, at the grocery store, at the Arms, and just about everywhere else was consistent and encouraging. Blackburn Hamlet and Greg have become associated with one another. He was the embodiment of the Blackburn spirit, always putting the needs of the community first and leaving a great impression on everyone he met. Greg was a fixture at the neighborhood Loeb/Metro grocery store, where he had worked for decades and was known for his never-ending supply of jokes and practical jokes.

His passion for hockey made for an effortless conversation starter at any time. Greg brought an infectious sense of joy into the room with him, and his dazzling smile and renowned hugs were by far my favorite aspect of being around him. It was difficult to feel anything other than pleased after receiving one of his hugs because he never hoarded them.

Greg Kazmierski’s obituary will be released by the family

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