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Glenn Ripsch Senatobia, MS, died in a motorcycle accident

Glenn Ripsch Death – Glenn Ripsch of Senatobia, Mississippi, has passed away, he would have celebrated his 30 years old. Ripsch reportedly died as a result of the fatal injuries sustained in a fatal motorcycle accident. The police report of the crash is still pending at the time of this publication.

Pete Walker of Navarre, Florida, said in a Facebook tribute that he woke up to wish Glenn a happy 30th birthday, the same way he do it every year. Seconds later, only found out that he had lost his brother. Pete Walker said he just want one more cigar, one more beer, one more time whippin’ your ass at chel, one more time watching a game. “One more ride, tearing it up together. Hold it down for me until I get there, I love you Glenn Ripsch,” Pete Walker wrote.

Glenn Ripsch Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family…

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On Tuesday morning in Senatobia, an off-duty member of the Mississippi Highway Patrol was riding his motorbike when he was involved in an accident. When Sergeant Eric Lentz, age 47, was riding his Harley Davidson motorbike from 2005, he was involved in a collision with a Dodge Charger from 2006.

According to the statements made by investigators, it seemed as though the driver of the truck was attempting to turn left when he crossed into the path of the motorcycle. At the scene of the collision, it was determined that Sergeant Lentz had passed away. The truck driver walked away from the accident with only minor wounds.

The Senatobia Police Department and the Mississippi Highway Patrol Crash Team are continuing their investigation of the crash at this time. Tate County was the location of Sergeant Lentz’s assignment. During his time while working for the Department of Public Safety, he also worked for the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics for a period of 12 years. He is survived by his wife, as well as a daughter and a son.

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