Fatal Accident On A30 Today: 1Killed, 2 Injured After Crash At Monkton and Honiton

Monkton Butler Way - Dumpdon View routes closed to traffic following deadly crash on A30 today - Eastbound between A382 and A377 closed

Fatal Accident On A30 Today Investigations – Law enforcement agencies are investigating a deadly accident on A30 Friday morning. According to reports, a person has died, and at least two others injured following a car accident in the area of Honiton turn-off. Following the fatal accident, law enforcement says all traffics has been diverted into the village.

There is currently a complete blockage of A30 Butler Way in both directions, resulting in a buildup of traffic. This congestion is a direct consequence of an accident that occurred between the Honiton turn-off in Honiton and Dumpdon View in Monkton. There is a high level of traffic congestion on numerous highways in the vicinity of Honiton, including the town itself. The A35, upon its convergence with the A30, and Langford Road, as motorists deviate from the A30 closure.

At 11:32 am, traffic is being redirected from the area as a result of a collision on A30 Butler Way in both directions, spanning from the Honiton turn-off to Dumpdon View. Consequently, the A30 is obstructed and traffic is experiencing congestion. There is a notable increase in traffic congestion on various roads in the vicinity of Honiton, such as the A35 where it intersects with the A30, as well as Langford Road, due to motorists seeking other routes in response to the closure of the A30.

At 11:37 am, there is a significant presence of vehicular congestion, with traffic also forming a queue extending from the A303 to Newcott, up until the point where the A30 intersects with the A35 outside Honiton.

At 11:39 am, diversion routes are experiencing congestion as traffic is being redirected through Stockland Hill by the police, resulting in significant congestion in that area as well.

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