EX SPORTS Joins Forces with IQ Protocol, Introduces NFT Lending

The collaboration between EX SPORTS and IQ Protocol heralds a new era of possibilities for NFT lending, extending beyond its conventional boundaries. The implications of this partnership are far-reaching, with EX SPORTS gearing up to introduce NFT lending for diverse use cases. Notably, the platform envisions NFT lending tailored for streaming purposes, a feature that grants users exclusive access to premium content on the EX SPORTS TV platform.

For holders of NFTs featuring prominent athletes, an exciting enhancement awaits. They will gain privileged entry to complimentary pay-per-view events. What’s even more remarkable is the seamless transferability of this feature, fostering an inclusive and dynamic sports community. This visionary approach has the potential to transform ticketed events and memberships, such as gym subscriptions, into NFT lending opportunities.

EX SPORTS aims to elevate user experiences by offering flexible ownership options, enabling individuals to fully unleash the potential of their NFT assets. Toli Makris, CEO at EX SPORTS, expressed enthusiasm for this groundbreaking collaboration, asserting, “EX SPORTS is thrilled to collaborate with IQ Protocol to bring NFT lending to the forefront of our platform.

We believe this innovative lending mechanism will democratize access to NFTs for our users and create opportunities for athletes and players to thrive.” The EX SPORTS and IQ Protocol alliance holds the potential to redefine the NFT landscape and elevate the gaming and sports entertainment sectors.  Through the decentralized lending model, EX SPORTS is poised to empower users and foster widespread engagement with NFTs.

EX SPORTS serves as a digital sports-tech platform that enhances fan experiences, forging personal connections between enthusiasts and athletes. The platform offers an array of offerings, including web3 gaming, NFT collections, and streaming rights for sporting events, redefining the dynamics of fan engagement in the realm of sports Meanwhile, IQ Protocol plays a pivotal role as a platform within the web3 sharing economy.

Their innovative peer-to-peer (P2P) NFT rental technology reshapes on-chain ownership and access to scarce digital assets. By facilitating users’ ability to harness the complete utility of valuable digital assets at a fraction of their purchasing cost, IQ Protocol opens doors to a new dimension of NFT utilization.

As EX SPORTS and IQ Protocol join forces, they propel NFT lending into novel domains, enhancing user experiences and expanding the horizons of how NFTs can be leveraged. This partnership promises to redefine the landscape of NFT engagement, giving rise to innovative possibilities that enrich the gaming, sports, and entertainment sectors.

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