Everett Stevens

Everett Stevens Missing in Indianapolis, IN, last seen Lucas Oil Stadium

UPDATE: Everett Stevens has been found, the police found him walking down the road and noticed him from the post so picked him up very cold and tired but ok.

Everett Stevens Missing – Everett Stevens has been reported missing Indianapolis, Indiana. He was last seen around 9:30 p.m. at Lucas Oil Stadium. According to Janet Stevens of Terre Haute, Indiana, they went to the Colts game last night and at half time, around 9:30 PM, he said he was going to smoke a cigarette and he NEVER came back. The game ended around 11PM and still no sign of him. He has been having memory issues lately and is likely confused.

Stevens has no wallet, ID, or phone on him. He has not been arrested or taken to the hospital and he knows Noone in Indy. An official police report in Indy has been made stating he has dementia.

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