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Ethan Grimm Glencoe MN died after battling cancer | CaringBridge

Ethan Grimm Death – Ethan Grimm of Glencoe, Minnesota, passed away on Monday, December 18, after battling cancer, he was surrounded by family and friends. Grimm was diagnosed in November 2023. Loved ones are mourning the passing of Grimm.

A journal entry by Keith Terlinden on a CaringBridge page said Ethan sent a text message saying he was getting dizzy on Tuesday Nov. 14th, they had made him a doctor appointment for the following day at the clinic because he usually never complains of not feeling well. 

On Wednesday the 15th, he went to the doctor and text me after his appointment and said that they were ordering something for his heart because he almost passed out twice at the office. This really had me confused as to what was happening. I called the doctors office and talked to Jen to see what happened at the visit. She explained how fast his blood pressure dropped when they did his orthostatic blood pressure and that Dr Elliott would give me a call to discuss what they think is going on after his lab results came back.

Dr. Elliott called a short time later and we received the call that no parent ever wants to hear. Dr. Elliott suspected that Ethan had cancer and we needed him to go to the emergency room right away to get his treatment started. Dr. Elliott said his white blood cell count was over 100,000 (10,000 is normal), hemoglobin was 10 (normal for a healthy 18 year old boy it should be about 13-15), platelets which help in clotting were also low, and blood count was FULL of leukocytes.

Grimm was taken to Ridgeview ER right away where they drew some more labs and did a chest CT scan. They told us that we are most likely dealing with leukemia or lymphoma but could not tell me the type or anything more than that. The plan was to get Ethan to the University of Minnesota that night to further his treatment but they did not have any beds open, so they kept Ethan overnight in the ER. During the night, they started him on a basic chemo drug called hydroxyurea in an attempt to start killing some of the cancer cells right away.

It was a pretty rough night waiting and not having all the answers we were searching. That is when an angel stepped in to help us out. I don’t know if she wants to be names but she personally called her team down at U of MN Masonic Children’s Hospital and pulled some stings. She hand picked THE BEST team in the nation for us. We don’t know how to express our extreme gratitude to her! The team accepted Ethan’s case and off we went to the cities.

Everything happened so fast once we got down here. We were met the minute we walked into the door with our specialized team. They had a plan and everything was in place before we even got to his hospital room. The resident and attending doctors chatted with us and answered any questions we had. They set him up for all the testing that needed to be done and off we went into the bone marrow floor.

Ethan Grimm Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family…

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