Elsie Smith Colorado Springs CO, Talented Dancer died from heart attack at age 17

Elsie Smith cause of death linked to heart attack, Learn more about Elsie Smith's death and obituary

Elsie Smith Death – Talented COS Young People Theatre Troupe Dancer Elsie Smith of Colorado Springs, Colorado has sadly passed away. She died from heart attack at age 17 on Tuesday 8th August 2023, leaving her family. friends and the entirety of the dance community in shock and disbelief. She was confirmed dead through a Facebook post that says “Words can’t express the shock and grief I feel this week. Elsie was such a light and joy and I miss her so much”.

Who was Elsie Smith?

Elsie’s early start in the dance world was a reflection of her deep love for the performing arts. Her unwavering commitment to improving her abilities and testing her limits was palpable in all she does. She takes dance very seriously and devotes a lot of time to improving her skills and trying out different forms. Her dedication and enthusiasm drive her profession forward and serve as an example to those around her. Performing choreography was only part of dance; the art form also involves conveying meaning through physical expression.

Elsie’s extraordinary talent wsas in her ability to infuse each performance with her own personal artistic vision. She has a remarkable ability to infuse every dance she performs with vitality, elevating them above the level of mere movements and turning them into moving narratives that stick with the audience long after the performance has ended.

Elsie’s talent as an interpreter was unrivalled, as she explores a wide spectrum of feelings in every performance. By allowing herself to be vulnerable in front of an audience, she not only manages to stand out, but also to create a close bond with them. She has artistic maturity beyond her years, as evidenced by her ability to tap into her own emotions and transform them into engaging dance routines. She encourages and uplifts her fellow dancers and works to create a welcoming and supportive community.

Elsie Smith GoFundMe

A GoFundMe account has been created by Turning Pointe Dance STARZ-FYDC in order to financially support Elsie Smith’s family with her funeral and memorial. The goal of the fundraiser was set to raise the sum of $15,000  but as at the time this report was published, the sum of $5,990 has been raised with the help of 60 individuals.

Elsie Smith’s obituary will be released by the family

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