Ellie Berg Boulder CO, Bonai Shalom’s Hebrew School Student died in tragic accident on Nov. 19

Ellie Berg's cause of death linked to accident, Learn more about Ellie Berg's death and obituary

Ellie Berg Death – Bonai Shalom’s Hebrew School Student Ellie Berg of Boulder, Colorado has sadly passed away. She died on Sunday 19th November 2023 after a tragic accident leaving family and friends heartbroken. She was confirmed dead through various publication made on social media. As at the time this report was made the actual cause of what led to the accident has been released. She was a sweet soul that was loved and cherished by anyone that came in contact with her.

Who was Ellie Berg?

She embodied sweetness, humor, radiance, and boundless energy—an adored little girl celebrated for her beautiful spirit and old soul, deeply enamored with the joys of life. Ellie, a cherished student at both the JCC preschool and Bonai Shalom’s Hebrew School, radiated a sunshine-like presence, capable of brightening the gloomiest days. Her infectious laughter and constant smile could illuminate even the darkest corners, making her a source of absolute delight for friends, family, and classmates alike. Her magnetic energy had a transformative effect, fostering a positive and uplifting atmosphere wherever she ventured.

Beyond her infectious joy, Ellie was renowned for her remarkable compassion. Her empathetic nature manifested in every interaction, whether consoling a friend in need or dedicating her time to aid the less fortunate. His heartwarming acts of kindness became a source of inspiration, prompting those around her to strive for better versions of themselves and creating a ripple effect of goodwill throughout her community.

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What you need to know about Ellie Berg

As a student, Ellie stood out not only for her academic prowess but also for her unwavering commitment to personal growth. Confronting challenges with a can-do attitude, she saw each obstacle as an opportunity to learn and improve. Teachers applauded her dedication to studies and her willingness to go the extra mile to grasp complex concepts, setting an exemplary standard for her peers. Her relationship with her family spoke volumes about the resilient bonds of love and support that held them together.

There will be a graveside funeral on Tuesday November 21st at 2pm at Mountain View Cemetery, 3016 Kalmia Ave, Boulder, CO 80301. Josh and Carly will sit shiva on Tuesday evening 6.30-9pm, with a short service at 7.30pm, and on Wednesday for visits from 2-5pm at their home: 833 Laurel Avenue, Boulder, 80303.

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