Dwight McDonald

Dwight McDonald injured after motorcycle accident in Chambersburg PA

Dwight McDonald Motorcycle Accident – Dwight McDonald of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, was involved in a motorcycle accident on Friday, June 9, 2023, where he suffered severe injuries and was transported to the hospital. He was said to be in critical condition at the police. Bev McFadden confirmed the news on social media. According to the Facebook post, McFadden ask God to bless his friend Dwight Mcdonald with life and touch him with His healing hands. He just retired and had a motorcycle accident.

The results of the preliminary investigation that was carried out by the police has not been made public. We wish Dwight McDonald quick recovery.

RELATED ARTICLE: Franklin County identified James Robert Monto as the victim in fatal motorcycle crash

The coroner for Franklin County has made public the name of a man who was killed in an accident involving a motorbike that took place on Grandview Avenue in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday evening. Coroner Jeffrey R. Conner and the Chambersburg Police Department issued a press statement stating that 45-year-old James Robert Montoy, who was riding a motorcycle at the time it crashed in the 300 block of Grandview Ave., passed unexpectedly as a consequence of the injuries he sustained. Montoy was a passenger on the motorcycle. Mr. Montoy was originally from the Upton region of Pennsylvania.

It was alleged that Montoy was driving south on Grandview Avenue around 8:45 p.m. when he lost control of the motorcycle, drove onto the median, and crashed into a tree. Montoy succumbed to his wounds and died shortly after getting care at the site from personnel of the Chambersburg Emergency Medical Services. The 300 block of Grandview Avenue was closed to traffic so that the Chambersburg Police Accident Reconstruction Team could perform their investigation into the crash in the area. The authorities claimed that they waited to inform the public about Montoy’s identity until after they had spoken with his relatives before making the information public.

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