Drew Hanna death

Drew Hanna Orofino Idaho High School Student Athlete has died, Family mourns his death

drew Hanna Death – Orofino High School Student Athlete Drew Hanna has sadly passed away. He died leaving family, friends and teammates devastated. On Wednesday 2nd August 2023, the news of his death was known through publication made on Facebook hat says “Drew was a great kid in an amazing family. This loss is hitting hard for the whole community. I am personally praying for everyone who his smile touched, he will never be forgotten”. The actual cause of Drew Hanna’s death has not been revealed.

Who was Drew Hanna?

Drew Hanna was incredibly modest in light of his amazing talent. He was not the type to brag or seek attention for his accomplishments. Instead, he takes use of his good fortune to brighten the spirits of those around him. Drew has an unrelenting feeling of thanks and admiration for his teammates, coaches, and parents, and he is the first to credit them for his successes. He was  a natural leader, and it shows on and off the field. He inspires his fellow varsity soccer players to work together and play to their greatest potential by setting a good example as team captain.

Drew Hanna was a fearless competitor who was not afraid to take on any task. He always gives his absolute best effort, whether it’s on the soccer field, the track, or in the classroom. His strength of character in the face of adversity makes him stand out, and he inspires his other students to keep going even when things become rough.

What you need to know about Drew Hanna

Drew’s kindness and generosity define him as a person beyond his physical prowess. He was always there for his classmates and friends , whether it’s to lend an ear or a shoulder. Drew Hanna was an all-star in the classroom as well as on the field. He organizes his time well despite the challenges of being a student-athlete, and as a result, he consistently achieves high marks and participates fully in class. Drew’s dedication to academics and athletics provides an example to his peers that success can be found in more than one arena.

Drew’s great sportsmanship was one of his most distinguishing characteristics. Regardless of the score, he treats his opponents, officials, and coaches with respect. His classy demeanor in win and unflappable spirit in failure make him an inspiration to sportspeople everywhere in the district.

Drew Hanna’s obituary will be released by the family

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