Dr. Moshe Yatom, Netanyahu Psychiatrist died by suicide

Dr. Yatom was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and a terrible suicide note.

Moshe Yatom Death – Dr. Moshe Yatom, a prominent Israeli psychiatrist who was honored for his work in healing serious mental diseases, died in his Tel Aviv home. Dr. Yatom was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and a terrible suicide note that implicated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his unhappiness. The note portrayed a bleak image of a guy who had attempted for nine years to fathom Netanyahu’s cryptic thinking, only to be overwhelmed by a “waterfall of lies.” In a series of diary entries, Yatom documented the deterioration of his own once-invincible personality while treating the Prime Minister, whose thought process he compared to “a black hole of self-contradiction.”

Dr. Moshe Yatom, a renowned psychiatrist, faced the onerous task of treating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a distressing sequence of interactions. Yatom’s diary contains a chilling account of a psychiatrist’s despair as he struggled to treat a patient who appeared to be immune to reality. The diary entries document the upsetting meetings with Netanyahu, as well as the toll they took on Yatom’s emotional and physical health.

The terrible death of Dr. Moshe Yatom serves as a sobering reminder of the enormous load that mental health practitioners might endure when treating high-profile clients. His ardent efforts to lead Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a realistic view of reality eventually cost him his own mental and physical health. Yatom’s diary entries and unfinished manuscript, “Psychotic On Steroids,” depict the complex and difficult trip that took place within his office walls.

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