Jennifer Monday Goldman

Dr. Jennifer Monday Goldman Austin, TX, has died, loved ones mourns

Jennifer Monday Goldman Death – Jennifer Monday Goldman of Austin, Texas, has passed away, Bridget Maloney confirmed the news of her passing on social media. The circumstances of Jennifer Goldman’s passing, including the specific cause of his death, are not indicated in the information that has been provided at the time of this publishing; hence, the specific specifics are unknown.

According to Maloney; I swiped this picture from her Insta because it captures her personality more than any of the JLA shots I have. I can hear her saying, “Come on! It’s going to be great!”
Jenn is five years younger than me so, even though we “knew” each other growing up, we didn’t hang out together. Fast forward to 2009 and I moved to San Marcos. With the exception of my work, none of the things which had been most important in my adult life existed closer than 45-60 minutes away. It was easier to skip meetings and events than to deal with Austin traffic after a long day at the church. Soon, I had a health crisis and my sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at almost the exact same time.
Junior League of Austin is large and Jenn was already established there. She also had a young family at home. She didn’t have to notice me or, more specifically, notice that I was slipping away. She noticed. She made sure I was able to navigate a JL leave for health reasons. She connected me with someone she knew who volunteered with Komen. She didn’t wait for me to ask for help or networking-Jenn saw a need and filled it with grace and precision.
In a very large way, I owe every success I had in 2009-2011 to the kindness and generosity of Jenn Monday Goldman. On the resume of her life’s work they were but footnotes but in my life they were shining beacons of human-kindness.

Jennifer Monday Goldman was the director of Gift & Estate Planning at The University of Texas at Austin and worked as an Attorney at Cowan & Associates, PLLC. She studied as JD and Plan II at The University of Texas at Austin.Jennifer Monday Goldman Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family…

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