Doctor killed baby during delivery and tried covering it up after baby was decapitated

Baby decapitated during childbirth and the medical practitioner tried covering it up after baby was killed during delivery

Doctor killed baby during delivery – Doctor killed baby during delivery and a case that was filed on Wednesday in a court in the Atlanta region alleges that medical professionals attempted to cover up the fact that they delivered a baby wrongly, resulting in the infant’s head being severed. According to a statement released by the law firm Edmond & Lindsay, LLP, the negligence and fraud lawsuit that was filed in Clayton County, Georgia, includes multiple defendants.

Baby decapitated during childbirth

These defendants include Southern Regional Medical Centre, a doctor, several nurses, and the medical organization as a whole. On July 9, Jessica Ross, who was twenty years old at the time, was giving birth when the baby’s shoulders became lodged in her vaginal canal, as stated in the lawsuit. According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, the doctor who delivered the infant conducted the caesarean section too late and put “excessive tension” on the baby’s head, which caused the head to become detached from the body.

Additionally, according to the litigation firm, the mother and father, Treveon Isaiah Taylor, were not immediately informed of what had occurred by the doctor. Instead, according to the couple, the medical professionals at the hospital refused to allow them hold the baby after it had passed away.

According to the statement, they showed the parents a picture of the newborn with the head raised up on top of a blanket that was securely wrapped around the child. In addition, the couple alleges in the lawsuit that they were subjected to pressure from staff members to cremate the deceased person’s remains. They were informed that an autopsy would not be necessary.

According to the reports, the couple didn’t find out about the beheading until four days after the baby was born. According to CNN, the lawsuit requests that the case be tried in front of a jury. In addition to seeking reimbursement for the $10,000 spent on their son’s funeral and burial, the complaint asks for punitive damages as well as compensatory ones.

According to a statement issued by the hospital system, a spokesperson from Southern Regional Medical Centre stated that they are unable to discuss the treatment of specific patients owing to rules that protect patients’ right to confidentiality regarding their medical information.

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