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Dmitry Feld Lake Placid NY, USA Luge Association Marketing Director died after battling leukemia

Dmitry Feld Death – USA Luge Association Marketing Director Dmitry Feld of Lake Placid, New York has sadly passed away at the age of 68. He died on Wednesday 10th January 2024 after a battle with leukemia, leaving family, friends and coll3eagues in shock and disbelief. He was confirmed dead through a post that reads “I’m so deeply saddened to hear that my dear friend and favorite Russian has passed away. This world was a better place because of you. We shared many laughs over the years and I will miss your smile and bear hugs”.

Dmitry Feld Early life

Despite the fact that his father had served in the military for the country, Dmitry Feld, who was born in the country that was formerly known as the Soviet Union, encountered difficulties early on as a result of his deviation from the Soviet system. The year 1979 marked the year that Dmitry and his mother made their official departure from Ukraine and made their way to the United States. In order to provide for himself, Dmitry worked a variety of occupations, despite the fact that he knew no English.

After three years of living in the United States, he had a powerful pull toward his actual love and finally decided to get in touch with USA Luge. The United States of America has been slow to develop the sport of luge, with the national governing body, USA Luge, not being created until 1979. Due to the organization’s limited financial resources, Dmitry was forced to offer his services as a volunteer because they were unable to afford for extra workers.

Dmitry Feld Career

He went on to become a coach for athletes in the states of New Jersey and New York City. In 1984, USA Luge extended an invitation to Dmitry to transfer to Lake Placid, where he was hired as a development coach as part of the organization. Dmitry has devoted his life to assisting ambitious athletes, and some of the athletes he has worked with include Gordy Sheer and Mark Grimmette. In addition to being selected for the national squad, these athletes also competed in the Olympics and won medals in those competitions.

Through his participation in the Olympic Games, Dmitry was imbued with a dedication to give back, with an emphasis on community involvement both locally and internationally. For a considerable amount of time, he has been equally committed to the advancement of athletes in the difficult discipline of luge as he has been to the advancement of volunteer work.

Dmitry Feld’s obituary will be released by the family

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