David Barron Ocala FL Death, Tattoo artist died in Paddock Mall shooting

David Barron Ocala FL Death, Tattoo artist died in Paddock Mall shooting

David Barron Death – David Nathaniel Barron, a resident of Ocala, Florida, and a well-known tattoo artist has passed away tragically. He was confirmed dead in a social media publication that read, “My baby literally just hugged her uncle today for the last time.” He was a native of Hollywood, Florida, and a graduate of Lake Weir High School, according to his social media profile.

Shooting in Ocala Mall Today

According to authorities, a gunman opened fire inside an Ocala, Florida, mall on Saturday, killing one man and wounding another. The Ocala Police Department posted on Facebook that upon their arrival to Paddock Mall, they discovered one male dead in a shared area. Afterwards, David Nathaniel Barron, 40, was revealed to be the man. Police think the victim was the shooter’s intended target.

According to the department during a press conference, the woman was admitted to the hospital and received treatment for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to her leg. The police say she is likely to recover completely. According to authorities, the gunman is still at free and is thought to have fled “undetected.” Police say the gunman had on a black hoodie, black leggings, and a black mask that covered part of his face.

Additionally, according to police, they found a gun that they think the gunman used. The specific type of firearm was not specified. According to the police, there were also some “ancillary” injuries, such as people receiving treatment for chest problems and one individual with a broken arm.

Police Respond To Active Shooter Report

At 3:40 p.m., Ocala police reported receiving a call regarding an active shooter scenario with many gunshots at the mall. In response, the police department dispatched a “heavy police presence” in an attempt to “eliminate the threat.” When police arrived, they discovered that there had been a shooting but that there was not an active shooter. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office reports that although the mall’s parking lot is now open, the shopping center itself remains closed.

The family will announce David Barron’s obituary and funeral arrangements at a later time.

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