Daniel Silber Lawrence NY has died, Esther Coco Berg mourns brother's death

Daniel Silber Lawrence NY has died, Esther Coco Berg mourns brother’s death

Daniel Silber Death – Famous Internet personality Esther Coco Berg “BDE,” is mourning the death of her beloved brother Daniel “Dan” Silber, who passed away recently. The well-known social media influencer took to her handles and shared the sad news with her followers. “It’s with great sorrow and complete shock that I sadly announce the passing of my older and only brother, Daniel “Dani” Silber.”

What was Daniel Silber’s cause of death?

The circumstances surrounding Daniel Silber’s cause of death were not made public by the family at the time of this report. According to the statement by Esther, he was affected by the death of his later father. “Forever haunted by the loss of our father, his heart, once shattered, now finds solace as he rests beside him, united in eternal love.”

Esther promised to look after her brother’s children and keep his memory forever. “I love you so much Dan, and I will do everything I can to be there for your children and make sure your memory lasts forever!!I’m so sorry you left us so soon. Being your little sister was the coolest and greatest adventure ever. Thank you for the ride!! Rest in Peace, Dan Dan.” Berg is a lifelong philanthropist who made her largest on-going contribution in 2007.

Who was Daniel Silber?

Dan Silber was a loving son to Eva and Chaim Silber, known to many by his nickname Lobo. He was a loving brother to Malkie, Esther, Sasha, Cookie, and Nathan. He was a loving grandson to Mrs. Rachel Silber. Dani Silber was married with four children to Eda Silber of Long Island, New York, who in 2006 left him and moved in with a wealthy boyfriend, pillow mogul George Frenkel.

On March 1, 2017, Dan lost his father at the age of 70 after a yearlong illness. Born in New York, Lobo grew up in Crown Heights, where he attended Brooklyn College after high school and Yeshiva Torah Vodaath through high school. Mr. Silber was intrigued by the IBM Pavilion at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. A few years later, after graduating from college, he went to the IBM offices in New York, asked for a job, and was employed.

A few years later, he struck out on his own and established HIS Equipment Marketing Co., a highly successful computer leasing business. His most prosperous venture, nevertheless, was The Chaim Foundation. Mr. Silber started the popular summer Orthodox Bungalow Baseball League’s Lobos softball team in Greentree Acres Bungalow Colony in the Catskills. His squad is renowned for having won numerous titles throughout the years.

As a result, he began to finance teams in numerous American and Israeli sports leagues. He has distributed thousands of Team Lobos t-shirts, hats, golf balls, and toys to visitors to his bungalow throughout the years.

Daniel Silber’s obituary and funeral arrangements will be released by the family at a later date.

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