Dane Ketzler Prairie Grove AR, Owner of Ridgewood Construction Inc died in car accident

Dane Ketzler Prairie Grove AR, Owner of Ridgewood Construction Inc died in car accident

Dane Ketzler Death – Owner and Founder of Ridgewood Construction Inc. Dane Ketzler of Prairie Grove, Arkansas has sadly passed away. He died after a tragic car accident leaving those that knew him heartbroken. He was confirmed dead through a Facebook post made on Sunday 20th January 2024 that says “There are no words to describe the pain you go through when you hear you’ve lost your brother. Pain I can’t even begin to process. Pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy”.

Dane Ketzler Career

Dane Ketzler held various roles in the construction industry over the years. Starting at Mark Zweig, Inc. in Fayetteville, Arkansas, he worked there from April 5, 2013, to July 8, 2015. Following that, he served as a carpenter at Coyle Construction in Prairie Grove, Arkansas, from July 9, 2015, to August 3, 2016. His career progressed to a Lead Carpenter position at R. D. Kidd Construction. Additionally, Dane Ketzler took on the role of owner and founder of Ridgewood Construction Inc. He brought so much happiness into his family’s lives with his contagious laughter and friendly grin.

Dane’s dedication to his family went beyond a sense of duty; it was an authentic manifestation of his love. Whether it was being there for his parents, pitching in around the house, or being a rock when times got tough, Dane proved his strength via his deeds, not his words. Because of the strong relationship that had developed between them, his loved ones felt they could depend on him no matter what.

What you need to know about Dane Ketzler

Dane brought solace, support, and companionship like a brother. He became a friend and confidant to his siblings because of the real attention he showed them. The close-knit family unit that Dane helped establish was based on love and trust because of his capacity to understand and comfort his siblings. Just as his connections with his parents and siblings were defined by love and devotion, so too was Dane’s path into fatherhood. The duties and rewards of fatherhood were something he wholeheartedly embraced. He had the ideal combination of wisdom, patience, and love as a father, and his children were his world.

Dane’s approach to parenting was marked by a sincere wish to support and direct his children, giving them freedom to discover the world while ensuring they were safe and loved. His children will carry on his legacy as a parent by upholding the principles of compassion, understanding, and the value of strong family ties.

Dane Ketzler’s obituary will be released by the family

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