Dallas Wicke Westfield, NJ has tragically died, family mourns his death

Summit and Westfield communities in New Jersey are mourning the death of a dog lover who passed away unexpectedly - Learn more about Dallas Wicke obituary

Dallas Wicke Death – A Westfield, New Jersey male described as a fun-loving individual has tragically passed away. Dallas Wicke a lover of animals and a friend to many people in Westfield and surrounding counties died unexpectedly last night. According to reports, The generous man was pronounced dead from a drug overdose.

The death of Dallas Wicke has left his community of friends in Westfield devastated. “Dallas was a good one, we have lost a good friend and a brother, rest in peace brother, till we meet.”

Dallas Wicke was described as a man who has been friends with many people, he loved adventures, sports, animals, and children. Dallas Wicke loved to hang out with friends and family. The family of the well-known male has not released any details regarding his funeral arrangements.

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Dallas Wicke Obituary and Funeral Arrangements will be Released by the Family

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