Christopher Zanski and children Braden and Hailey died in Glenelg MD murder-suicide

Christopher Zanski and children Braden and Hailey died in Glenelg MD murder-suicide

Christopher Zanski Death:  According to Howard County police, a man allegedly committed a domestic double-murder-suicide in Glenelg by killing his adolescent children. Sunday evening at approximately 11 p.m., county police were dispatched to a residence in the 14000 block of Triadelphia Road in the course of a welfare check. Upon arrival, they discovered a man and two adolescents who were injured by gunfire.
Christopher Zanski, 42, allegedly murdered his children, Braden Zanski, 17, and Hailey Zanski, 15, before committing suicide by firearm, according to an initial investigation. Everyone occupied the residence. No evidence suggests that any additional individuals were implicated in the occurrence. The motive remains undisclosed. The children attended Glenelg High School as pupils.

 The school’s principal, Shawn Hastings-Hauf, sent the following message to parents and guardians:
“I have some very sad information to share with you.” The Howard County Police Department issued a statement this morning regarding the deaths of two of our students: Braden Zanski (11th grade) and Hailey Zanski (10th grade). Braden also attended the Automotive Technology Academy at the HCPSS Applications and Research Laboratory. 
We are shocked and saddened by this terrible news and will be putting a range of support in place for the staff, students, and families impacted by these unexpected losses. “When we return to school, our teachers will share this sad news with students at the beginning of their first-period classes. During these guided discussions, we will allow the students to ask questions, validate their feelings and reactions, identify coping strategies, and share information on additional resources available at school in the coming days.
Members of our Student Services Staff and the HCPSS Crisis Intervention Team will be available for any students who need individual assistance. A counselor will contact the parent of any student who accesses individual support this week. “The death of any member of our school community is a loss, and the unexpected deaths of two of our students who are siblings are especially difficult to understand or accept.
Both students and adults may struggle with managing their feelings and reactions to this news. Even if your child did not know Hailey or Braden, they may be impacted by this sad news. Feelings of anger, hurt, guilt, and sadness are natural. Common grief reactions include sleep disturbances, temporary loss of appetite, anxiety, and fears about the health and safety of friends and family.
Some suggestions for dealing with your child’s questions and concerns include: Listening to your children and letting them know you are available to answer questions and be there for them anytime. Please encourage your children to express their feelings and talk about your feelings. Talk to your children about your beliefs regarding death and loss.
Monitor your children in case they exhibit any significant changes in behavior or mood over the next few weeks (e.g., loss of appetite, difficulties sleeping, heightened sadness).
If you notice something, talk to them about it, as it could be a sign that they are struggling. “Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your child’s counselor or one of our administrators if you have any concerns about how your child is coping with this sad news. The HCPSS Mental Health and Wellness webpage also has many links to resources in our county. “Please join us in keeping the family in your thoughts in the days and weeks ahead.”

Christopher Zanski Obituary and Funeral Arrangements will be Released by the Family

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