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Chobee Hoy Brookline MA, Chobee Hoy Group Compass Real Estate Agent has died

Chobee Hoy Death – Chobee Hoy Group Compass Real Estate Agent Chobee Hoy of Brookline, Massachusetts has sadly passed away. She died t the age of 91 surrounded by her beloved family who will forever miss her. She was confirmed dead through a post that says “Chobee Hoy. You made Brookline a great community! You will truly be missed by all for your love and generosity. We are sad to have you leave us”. The circumstances surrounding the actual cause of Chobee Hoy’s death has not been revealed at this time.

Chobee Hoy Career

Beginning her career in real estate in 1978, Chobee Hoy followed a path typical of many single parents: the desire to offer a better life for her children. Family has always been important to Chobee, who was a loving mother of three and a proud grandma of eight. When Chobee’s eldest son needed help paying for graduate school, she decided to leave her job teaching Girl Scout leaders and go into real estate. Her enthusiasm for the industry grew rapidly as she became engrossed in the complex procedures involved in assisting clients with the acquisition or sale of a home.

After she became a real estate broker, her lifelong dream was to start her own firm fueled by her passion. Volunteering was deeply rooted in Chobee’s family’s tradition during her childhood. She thinks that individuals care deeply about the state of their neighborhood and the larger community as a whole, not just their own homes.

What you need to know about Chobee Hoy

Chobee’s work with multiple nonprofits demonstrates her dedication to community service. Her long list of accomplishments includes serving on the boards of several organizations in Brookline, including: the chamber of commerce, the community mental health center, the music school, the preservation commission, the council for the arts and humanities, the women and girls thriving in brookline, the adult and community education program, the rotary club, and the youth awards.

Beyond her work with nonprofits, Chobee was a staunch supporter of local companies, demonstrating her commitment to the community in a broader sense. As an exemplar of the ideals she cherishes, she passionately promotes the importance of working hard and giving back to the community.

Chobee Hoy’s obituary will be released by the family

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