Brian Merkel

Brian Merkel Cranford, NJ, has died, Cranford Wrestling Alumni mourns

UPDATE: Brian Merkel passed away on December 8, 2023, following a motor vehicle on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. He was 60 years old. Rutgers University, where he was a brilliant football player, selected him to represent the New Golden Dome Gym because of his ability to play soccer. In football, Brian played at a semi-professional level; however, he had an injury that forced him to withdraw from the sport. He was able to maintain his physical fitness throughout his entire life and discovered that working out was beneficial to his efforts to remain in shape.

The time he spent at his beach house with his family was something he always looked forward to, especially the memories he made with his sons. Throughout their entire lives, he never failed to make time to mentor and instruct them, and he never declined the opportunity to assist them in achieving their goals. The experience of going to showrooms for business brought Brian and his wife a great deal of delight.

They found themselves joking with strangers and assisting them in the design of their very own fantasy environment. Live music was something that they appreciated, whether it was a large concert or a little bar act; they enjoyed going to concerts and spending time together. Brian and Diane were an incredible partnership because they were able to find properties and transform them into masterpieces. They were a dream pair among members of their own group. Brian made it a point to take Diane out to lunch on a regular basis and to coordinate their outfits so that they looked nice together regardless of the special occasion.

Brian Merkel Death – Brian Merkel of Cranford, New Jersey has passed away, the Cranford Wrestling Alumni confirmed the news of his passing. Merkel was a member of the CHS HOF wrestling team of 81, he was a New Jersey state qualifier in 1981 at 170 pounds.

A cause of death has not been officially confirmed at the time of this report, but it is been said that Brian Merkel died following a motor vehicle accident.

Brian Merkel Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family at a later date…

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