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Brian Barczyk Health Update: Youtuber and Reptile Expert at the end of his battle with cancer

Brian Barczyk Health Update РYoutuber and Reptile Expert Brian Barczyk who was also the owner of BHB Reptiles and Reptarium is still battling cancer. According to information he is at the end of his battle with cancer and his back home spending his final hours with his family.  The path that Brian Barcyzk has taken throughout his entire life to develop his love for animals began when he was a child. Throughout the entirety of his life, he has devoted himself to the field of wildlife conservation.

Who is Brian Barczyk?

Barcyzk has been actively interested in the breeding of snakes for more than three decades, and in 2008, he launched his web show, which is called SnakeBytesTV. In recent times, he has launched on a new enterprise by providing a daily video blog on his YouTube channel and manufacturing luxury products that are specifically made for reptiles and the people who own them. Through the establishment of ‘The Reptarium’ in Utica, which he launched six years ago, Barcyzk was able to communicate his tremendous affection for animals to other people.

Barcyzk’s true reptile army, on the other hand, stretches beyond the physical walls of ‘The Reptarium’ and into the digital realm, where he has gathered an astounding 17,000,000 supporters on social media. By means of his captivating films, often known as “vlogs,” he communicates to his internet network the exciting animal adventures he has experienced. On the 27th of February, 2023, Barcyzk was given a diagnosis, which was an unexpected turn of events.

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