Brandon Gilles Boulder, CO, died after long illness from Long-COVID

Loved ones mourns the passing of Brandon Gilles. Learn more about Brandon Gilles Obituary and funeral plans...

Brandon Giles Death – Brandon Gilles, an Electrical Engineer who has brainfog from Long-COVID has passed away, his wife Briana Gilles confirmed the news of his passing on social media. Gilles was maintaining a record of his rehabilitation from Long-COVID (myalgic encephalomyelitis). The research was conducted for informational and/or thought-provoking purposes in the minds of appropriately-trained, medically-licensed professionals.

To assist in validating any adjustments to diet, exercise, supplements, medications, or lifestyle with a physician. According to Briana, Brandon , her husband, her children’s father, worked harder than anyone she know would have, or could have to try and save his own life.

Briana said loved ones should know that when he left this physical world he had been in a place of joy for so many months now. He had worked his body back to such a better spot. He was living life and enjoying it again. He got to remember truly who he was. Not sick Brandon, but just… Brandon.

The kids and Briana got to spend two solid weeks with him last month and it was glorious. They filled the days with all the normal Papa things. Skateboarding, playing backyard soccer with their son, reading books and snuggling with their daughter, bubbles, bike rides, wrestles, holding her hand as they walked the beach. It was the best, and all four of them needed that so desperately. His death came a massive shock and it will take a long time to process that he is actually gone.

Briana and the kids will miss him beyond words. And so will many other as well.

Brandon Gilles Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family…

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