Benjamin Franklin Bridge Suicide: Girl attempted to jump off Philadelphia’s Ben Franklin – Video

Teenager was pulled off from Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia, PA after attempting to commit suicide by jumping Saturday

Benjamin Franklin Bridge Suicide Investigations – A young girl was reportedly pulled off from the Benjamin Franklin Bridge Saturday evening after attempting to commit suicide by jumping. The female teenager was spotted hanging on the trails of the on the scene which is located on the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia, PA.

What Happened/Why Was Ben Franklin Bridge Shut Down

According to law enforcement agencies, officials were dispatched to the scene of the incident and started a conversation with the unidentified girl who was then convinced to give up the decision to take her own life from apparent suicide by jumping.

According to officials, the westbound lanes of traffic and the operation of PATCO trains were both halted on the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia on Saturday due to reports of someone trespassing onto the lines utilized by the aforementioned trains. At approximately 6:35 p.m., the flow of traffic in both directions on the bridge was impeded due to an individual, referred to as a “trespasser” by a representative from the PATCO organization, who ascended onto the track situated on the bridge.

According to reports, PATCO intentionally deactivated the power supply to the tracks in order to ensure the safety of first responders who were actively engaged in addressing the incident. According to official reports, the police operation concluded shortly before 7 p.m., resulting in the reopening of lanes and the resumption of train services.


ALSO READ: The individual who tragically lost their life due to a stabbing incident in St. Paul, Minnesota, has been identified as a 73-year-old individual.

The individual who perished in a homicide incident in St. Paul’s Highland Park has been named by law enforcement officials on Monday as a 73-year-old resident of Bloomington. According to law enforcement officials, Robin Sherwood Lambert initiated a physical action of tapping on the entrance of a residential dwelling situated within the 1100 block of Bowdoin Street South during the morning hours of Saturday.

According to the police, an altercation occurred when the residents opened the door, resulting in the stabbing of both Lambert and a 59-year-old resident. Law enforcement personnel were dispatched to the specified location in response to a reported incident of a stabbing occurring at approximately 9:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Lambert was transported by paramedics to a medical facility, where his demise was officially confirmed. According to authorities, the individual who is 59 years of age is anticipated to recover from their injuries, as said on Saturday. The ongoing investigation is now being conducted, and law enforcement officials have stated that no other updates were available as of Monday.

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