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Awsten Knight Death, American singer and songwriter died at 31

Awsten Knight Death – Awsten Knight, an American singer-songwriter, author and fashion designer has passed away on Sunday, December 10. He was 31 years old. Knight was most well-known for his role as the lead vocalist and frontman of the American rock band Waterparks. The news of his passing was shared on social media.

Before becoming the face of Houston’s Waterparks, Awsten Knight had a childhood that was shockingly packed with terrifying experiences. After watching The Sixth Sense by mistake when he was a little child at his grandparents’ house, the musician discovered an early calling in guiding fearful revellers around a haunted house. In addition to having a slightly unreasonable dread of elderly women, the musician also found an early calling playing the role of a guide.

Although it was always Knight’s goal to work for Hot Topic when he was a child, the singer ended up landing his first genuine job somewhere that was far more eerie. In retrospect, the most terrifying aspect of the location was its wages. It was a roadside “mega-screampark” that was packed with wild clowns, sci-fi machines that were hellbent on taking over the globe, and a dystopia that was similar to Big Brother in terms of mind control.

A cause of death has not been mentioned.

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