Anthony ‘Tony’ Clarkin Death: Magnum band founder died at age 77

Tony Clarkin Death – Tony Clarkin, an English musician, and songwriter, best known as the guitarist of the rock band Magnum has died. Tony Clarkin also known to many as ‘Anthony Michael Clarkin’ was announced dead today. He died on Sunday 7th January 2024 following a short illness at the age of 78.

“On behalf of the family, it is with profound sadness that daughter Dionne is sharing the news of the passing of Tony Clarkin. Following a short illness, he died peacefully surrounded by his girls on Sunday 7th January 2024.”

Tony Clarkin Biography

Clarkin, a native of the Shard End neighborhood in Birmingham, emerged from an area known for nurturing bands associated with the ‘Brum Beat’ designation. Despite initially training as a lady’s hairdresser after leaving school, he swiftly abandoned the profession to embark on his musical journey, joining his first band, The Boulevards, alongside former schoolmates.

Throughout Magnum’s extensive history spanning 22 studio albums and two studio albums by the Magnum spin-off group Hard Rain, Tony has consistently served as the sole songwriter, showcasing his unwavering dedication to crafting the band’s musical legacy.


Formed in 1972, Magnum, anchored by vocalist Bob Catley and guitarist/songwriter Tony Clarkin, has navigated personnel changes while maintaining its core. Originating as the house band at Birmingham’s Rum Runner, they refined their style at The Railway Inn in 1976.

Key members, including drummer Kex Gorin, bassist Dave Morgan, and keyboard player Mark Stanway (1980-2016), contributed to their early success. Notable albums like “Chase The Dragon” (1982) garnered attention.

Their breakthrough came in 1985 with “On a Storyteller’s Night,” produced under manager Keith Baker. Collaborations with Queen drummer Roger Taylor resulted in successful albums like “Vigilante” (1986) and “Wings of Heaven” (1988). After a farewell tour in 1995, Magnum briefly disbanded.

A spin-off, Hard Rain, emerged but faced challenges. Catley pursued a solo career, leading to Magnum’s hiatus. In 2002, Clarkin and Catley revitalized Magnum with “Breath of Life,” featuring Stanway, bassist Al Barrow, and drummer Harry James.

Subsequent releases, including “Brand New Morning” (2004) and “Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow” (2007), marked their return to chart success. Noteworthy is the collaboration with Sue McCloskey, with Clarkin’s compositions for Magnum finding a place in their discography, showcasing the enduring creativity of the band.

The family will release an obituary and funeral arrangements for Tony Clarkin.

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