Anthony Farrer Death: The Timepiece Gentleman Founder Died From Suicide By Jumping After Bankruptcy

35-year-old Salesman and Owner of Timepiece Gentleman has passed away from suicide by jumping off the roof in Beverly Hills, CA - Learn more Tony Farrer death and obituary

Anthony Farrer Death – 35-year-old Anthony Farrer, who was the owner of The Timepiece Gentleman – a luxurious watch brand – has tragically passed away. Anthony Farrer – otherwise called the watch boss died from an apparent suicide by jumping at a Beverly Hills Tower. The death of The Timepiece Gentleman’s boss came hours after he confessed to running a Ponzi scheme and eventually running into huge debts.

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According to reports, the 35-year-old famous influencer was pronounced dead after he allegedly jumped off the roof. The West Hollywood, California resident was the founder of The Timepiece Gentleman; a burgeoning wristwatch empire that was started in Dallas, Texas, and has currently expanded to Beverly Hills. The brand prides itself in dealing with luxury watch brands. “

Anthony Farrer said in an interview that he has been obsessed with watches since childhood. “I’ve been obsessed with watches since I was in high school. When I first started buying and selling watches, I was simply looking for a way to afford my passion.” His watchwords were transparency and health relations between customers and the market world.

Ever thought watches could be a part of a Ponzi scheme?

Anthony Farrer is an industry heavyweight who is said to have admitted to running a Ponzi scam and owing millions to his consignors. The issue involving the Watch gent, aka Anthony Farrer, has recently gone viral when he admitted using the Watch to run a $5 million Ponzi scheme, first in a Reddit post titled “My Fault” and then in a video.

Anthony Farrer, 35 years old, started the luxury watch shop Timepiece Gentleman and serves as its CEO. But he has customers from all across the world, and their support is what’s propelled him to the very top. Recently, he has been promoting his Watch Ponzi Scheme in every conceivable outlet. In 2021, Anthony Farrer and his investors vanished, sparking a controversy that has yet to end. After some time away, he came back to carry on trading in expensive timepieces. If you want to know more, read on down here.

In the Watch Ponzi fraud, where over $5 million was lost, Anthony’s name was included. Many took Anthony Farrer and his company’s incognito mode as a publicity gimmick, which resulted in him getting more fans than ever before. In a video he recorded a few weeks ago, he claimed that the Richard Mille watch had been stolen from him when he was too drunk to protect it in a nightclub.

Towards the end of the video, he mentioned that the watch was being relaunched and that his customers were receiving offers for the identical watch. Meanwhile, he eventually admitted that the footage he posted to YouTube was completely fabricated. Because of this, many online believe the story is an attempt to cover up insurance fraud. And this isn’t the first time the gentleman’s owner has claimed he lost it or that it was stolen.

He had mentioned in an earlier post that he had lost over a million dollars worth of luxury watches when some of his pals in Los Angeles were stolen at gunpoint. It’s being said that this is connected to his infamous Watch Ponzi scam.

Traders like Anthony Farrer run this business, which is a form of investment fraud, by promising their clients huge returns on their money invested in watches with minimal risk. Scammers don’t invest the money; instead, they pay back the victims who put money into them and pocket the rest. No new investors are being accepted because the initiative has failed. He, too, developed an early alcoholism and eventually spent time in prison as a teen. He went back to prison years later and did another 16 months.

Anthony Farrer Obituary and Funeral Arrangements will be Released by the Family

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