Union murder-suicide

Andrea Alarcon dead, Ruben & two daughters killed in Union murder-suicide

Andrea Alarcon Death | Ruben Alarcon Death – Andrea Alarcon, her husband and two daughters have been identified as the victims in Union County murder-suicide. According to Union County Prosecutor William A. Daniel, Andrea Alarcon, who is 42 years old, is suspected of shooting and killing her husband, Ruben Alarcon, who is 51 years old, as well as their two daughters who are still minors, in their residence located at 1329 Lincrest Terrace in Union.

After that, she pointed the gun toward herself, according to the police. At roughly 10:30 in the morning, their bodies were discovered. On Wednesday, January 17, Daniel, along with Christopher Donnelly, Director of the Union Police Department, stated. According to the police, the murder weapon was discovered at the scene of the crime next to the body of Andrea Alarcon.

The frightening finding was discovered by sheriff’s officers who were serving an eviction notice, as reported by NBC New York. According to the outlet, the house had been sold at a sheriff’s sale in November 2023 for the price of $322,000, and the family had sixty days to vacate the property or face the possibility of being evicted.

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