Alexis Tomacruz

Alexis Tomacruz Missing in Paris since Jan. 12

UPDATE: They found Alexis Tomacruz! She is in a hospital. She is ok but no details yet! Thank you for all your prayers and for spreading the word

Alexis Tomacruz Missing – On Friday, January 1, 2024, in Paris, France, there was a young girl from the United States who was reported missing. It is Alexis Tomacruz who is her name. She is thirty years old, stands five feet two inches tall (1.57 meters), has brown eyes and hair, and has a tanned complexion. Since the 30th of December in the year 2023, she has been residing. She enrolled in a French class at “Accord Langues,” as well as yoga classes (the location of which has not yet been determined). Living in close proximity to Rambuteau and the National Archives, she has been residing.

Friday evening, at approximately 23:00, was the last time anyone had any kind of communication with her. Since then, an official report of those who have gone missing has been submitted. Please contact us at the following numbers if you have any information: +1(814) 541-0863 and +1(440)3210111. Should this not be the case, kindly contact the Paris Metropolitan Police.

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