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Accident; Lance Laduke Pittsburgh, PA has died | CaringBridge

Lance Laduke Death – Lance Laduke of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has passed away leaving his family and loved ones. He had an accident at home on Wednesday, November 22, he was transported to the hospital with a traumatic brain injury. Following this, he suffered a severe stroke and developed a brain aneurysm, both of which proved to be insurmountable challenges for him.

He was a mentor, a musician/maker, a free music practice coach PDF. Despite this, Lance showed incredible strength and resilience, fighting valiantly for several days. According to an entry by Hannah Clyburn on a CaringBridge page, this time was a precious gift to our family, allowing us the opportunity to gather around him, share our love, and say our heartfelt goodbyes. This time of parting has been immeasurably hard, and the void left by his absence is profound. Your outpouring of love, prayers, and support during this time has been a source of immense comfort to us all. We are deeply grateful for every kind word and gesture.
It’s our belief that Lance was aware of this incredible support; he heard and felt every word, and your presence was a soothing balm in his final days. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for standing with us during this time of immense grief. Your support has been a beacon of light in the midst of our sorrow.

Lance Laduke Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family…

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